Wednesday, 29 June 2022

Silver Cutlass

Osprey has released “Silver Bayonet”, but here at the table we’re looking at a pirate themed variant, hence “Silver Cutlass”. Our pirates are still WIP (or even awaiting postage) so I decided to see what kind of table I could create with what I currently have and then what else needs doing.

Quite pleased so far. The water is simply some sheets of (very) blue A4 so will look for something less vivid, although this is meant to be the Caribbean after all. The palm trees need some spray and paint to remove the ‘plastic’ look. Some more jungle style scatter would be good too. This is an excellent article on the subject of jungle terrain: along with In the meantime I'll use more lichen.

I have more jetty ready (coffee stirrers again!) plus some resin stone quay and harbour walls. We also have some boats although they can wait for later scenarios as we'll start firmly on dry land. Charlie Foxtrot Pantile kits will provide the buildings for a small harbour-side settlement.

In Silver Bayonet/Cutlass crews will need to discover and investigate interesting and potentially (very probably) dangerous areas of the battlefield and these are denoted by what the rules call Clue Markers. What better than some treasure chest tokens? These are Debris of War and GW products. The stone "monkey" is Debris of War too.

Painted treasure chests.

With bases and foliage, etc.

Crews will be a mix of Foundry and North Star (On The High Seas) figures with the supernatural baddies coming from a variety of ranges such as Frostgrave Archipelago, Copplestone, GW, etc.

Sunday, 5 June 2022


A quick shout out for my FLGS, Bristol Independent Gaming, for keeping me in essential supplies over the extended bank holiday weekend!

A brilliant gaming venue and a well stocked shop. Highly recommended 😎