Saturday, 8 January 2022

Gardens and Trees

The January weather might not be ideal for gardening outside but here at the table we’re still keen miniature gardeners! Some veg patches with flowers and a small field of lavender.

They’re quite vibrant here under the daylight spot lamp but when mixed in with other terrain I think they’ll add a nice splash of colour to Mediterranean themed battlefields.

Continuing with the Mediterranean theme I made some “Cypress-esque” style trees from Woodland Scenics ‘Poplar’ armatures and dark green clump foliage, FC59. I ordered some very cheap “Cypress” trees from eBay but they were terrible so these WS trees will have to do! When the weather is better I’ll give them a dusting of black spray to tone down the green. Again, the lamp makes it appear much lighter.

The bases match the gardens and other pantile scenic items. Since taking the pic I’ve painted the trunks a more natural brown using VMC Leather Brown and a highlight of VMC Dark Sand. The two tallest trees are on 40mm steel discs which helps to make them more stable, the slightly shorter ones are on 60mm MDF bases with some stones to act as ballast.

Happy “gardening” … πŸ™‚


Phil Robinson said...

Verily some verdant additions to your Mediterranean tables.

The Wargames Table said...

πŸ˜‚ Thanks mate

Neil Scott said...

They look great

The Wargames Table said...

Thanks Neil πŸ™‚

James Fisher said...

A marvellous combination of horticulture and silviculture there!
Regards, James

The Wargames Table said...

Hey, thanks matey!