Thursday, 23 December 2021

More Pantile Walls and Scatter

They say you should build bridges not walls, but my bridge kit is still on order so walls it is for now ... plus a few other bits!  These splendid pieces are from Hovels, at a good price too.  They’ll complement my Charlie Foxtrot walls very nicely.  The resin required minimal prep and had only a very few tiny air bubbles which were trivial to fill.  Highly recommended!

The painting recipe was Americana Honey Brown on the walls, Americana Terracotta on the tiles, followed by GW Agrax Earthshade. Highlight using Americana Honey Brown, Americana Fawn, VMC Dark Sand, Foundry Boneyard Light. The tiles were simply the original colour followed by a highlight with some VMC Dark Sand mixed in.  Base is Americana Honey Brown, VMC Tan Yellow then VMC Dark Sand followed by Colonel Bill's Winter Static Grass and some clump foliage.

This covered well is from the Waterloo Papelotte Farm range but, with suitable paint on the roof, I think it blends in nicely.

These are a pig shed, a stone water trough and a village fountain, followed by some crates and sacks - ideal as a barricade - plus some barrels of fruit and veg.

These stacks of barrels are from Debris of War.  Recipe: Americana Dark Chocolate, Agrax Earthshade, then highlights of Dark Chocolate, VMC Flat Earth, VMC Gold Brown and finally VMC Dark Sand.  Pick the barrel hoops out with VMC German Camo Dark Brown and highlight sparsely with GW Tin Bitz or similar.

Merry Christmas to all my friends!🎄🥳😁

Sunday, 5 December 2021

Confederate Cavalry

More troops for the Confederacy!  Yes, the infantry now have some mounted support in the form of eight cavalry figures and a leader.  All Perry figures, the leader is metal whilst the troopers are from the excellent plastic boxed set.

The painting recipe is basically the same palette as used for my infantry (see links in the Painting tab, above) with Foundry Bay Brown and Chestnut used for the horses.  Socks and other markings were done using Foundry Boneyard.

Given the increasing role of cavalry as mounted infantry during this period I felt it was essential that in addition to the cavalry I also have some dismounted chaps.  But then I’ll have to get some horse holders too!  Given that these are primarily for use with Sharp Practice, the eight mounted figures become six on foot plus horse holders.

All Perry metal figures.

Thanks for looking!