Tuesday, 24 August 2021

British 2lb AT Gun

The QF 6lb AT gun did not enter service in North Africa until around April 1942, so up to that point the Allied forces had to rely on the 2lber (plus 25lb howitzers in a direct AT role) to knock out enemy armour. In order to game these early desert war battles (e.g. Compass, Brevity, Battleaxe, etc) I’d need a 2lb AT gun.  This is a Warlord Games kit.  The extra crew are actually from the mortar set… but shhh!

Thanks for looking.

Friday, 20 August 2021

North African Interlude

A change is as good as a rest, or so they say.  So here’s a few more troops for my North African WW2 collection.

All Perry metals; a Vickers with a couple of extra figures, a 2” mortar team and a spotter with binoculars to accompany my radio operator and make a FOO team.

Here’s a couple of closer pics.

Made a nice change from all the ACW and SP2 stuff I’ve been working on recently.  Also, on the painting table at the moment is a 2lb AT gun.  Painting recipes can be found on the Painting tab above.

Saturday, 14 August 2021

Cows, Pigs and Rabbits

Our miniature landscapes need, in my opinion, to look a little ‘lived in’ to get the most from our games.  Given that many of our battles are set in rural, or at least semi rural, areas then some suitable livestock are an obvious choice.  So, I’ve painted some.

These are from Redoubt (cows and pigs) and Warbases (rabbits).  Bases from Charlie Foxtrot Models.

Here are a few closer shots.

I felt that painting the cows the usual black and white would limit them to a European setting, tho I may be wrong.  A bit of Googling resulted in me opting for a more generic looking scheme of pale brown and creamy off white.  This is Foundry Buff Leather and Foundry Boneyard, respectively.  Want to add another couple of bases.  These could just as easily be objective tokens in scenarios such as foraging raids too.

Again Google helped choose this reddish brown scheme for the piggies.  This is Foundry Spearshaft.

Just for fun, I wanted some rabbits!  Foundry Bay Brown plus a bit of white for their tails.  I can just imagine a group of Rebel skirmishers getting ready to hit the Yankees but then suddenly being distracted by the prospect of rabbit stew for dinner.


Friday, 6 August 2021

Union Casualty Markers

Perry Miniatures do a great set of wounded and dead figures for ACW so I picked up a pack with a view to making some little vignettes as scatter pieces.  However, I’ve decided to make some shock markers instead.

In SP2 units can pick up points of shock that represent the cohesion of the troops being eroded as they become fatigued during the fighting.  As shock accumulates the troops become less effective and may eventually be forced to withdraw.  Hence it is very important to keep an accurate track of shock.

I particularly like the figures on the right with a Union soldier helping a wounded Confederate soldier.  I’ll get another pack and paint the figures for my Rebs, so each side will have six.

I’ve not yet found any suitable cavalry casualty figures so those units will have to make do with wounded infantry for the time being.  I might see about making a few more markers using figures from either the Redoubt or Dixons ranges.

Thanks for looking!

Monday, 2 August 2021

Perbais Has Fallen!

No, it’s not a another Gerard Butler action movie.  It’s the first instalment of the Gembloux Gap pint sized campaign that good friend George hosted via Zoom and Messenger yesterday.  Here are a few pics of the action.

I’m not doing a report here as George has already described the action.  Safe to say that it was a fantastic game and a real tussle as my French doggedly refused to give ground right up to the end.  A big thank you to George for sorting things out.  Apart from a few initial sound issues the tech worked well.  I’ve hosted games before but this is the first for me as a remote player and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I’ve also picked up a few handy tips for when I next host virtual games.