Saturday, 26 June 2021

Union Regulars (1)

I’ve painted up the first unit of Union infantry in line.  With a level two leader that’s 18 points for early war and 24 points for later.

All Perry plastics (right shoulder shift style) with Charlie Foxtrot movement trays.

The recipe can be found here.  Next in the painting queue is some heavier firepower for the North.

Monday, 21 June 2021

Union Skirmishers (1)

The Union forces have their first troops! 

Perry plastics and here’s the painting recipe:

  • Prime with Halfords grey primer
  • Jackets & Kepi - Foundry Union Blue shade
  • Trousers - Foundry Union Trouser Blue shade
  • Straps & Bags - Black
  • Musket - GW Scorched Brown (highlight with Foundry Conker shade)
  • Water Bottle - Foundry Slate Grey mid
  • Water Bottle Strap - Foundry Boneyard shade
  • Hair, beards, boots etc - Either black or dark/mid brown

Some of the hats and the odd pair of trousers were painted using Foundry Bay, Spearshaft or Rich Butternut.

Apply the GW Agrax Earthshade wash (well shaken first to avoid it giving too much shine), but not to the lighter blue of the trousers.  Allow to dry fully.  Then highlights of the base colours and lighter shades.  Finally a quick spray of AP anti shine varnish.  Basing as per my Confederate troops.

Friday, 18 June 2021

Union Forces Incoming!

Here they are!

That’s 78 miniatures for only £36 and is enough to enable me to build a very respectable force for SP2, with some models to spare, although I’ll add a few metal command figures too.  I already have the Perry artillery boxed set which has 3 cannons.  One was built for my Confederate force, another allocated for the Union, but I’m not sure what to do with the third? 

Movement trays and bases by Charlie Foxtrot Models 😎

Here they are primed and based (foliage, grass, etc is added after the varnish).

I’ll be starting with this 1861-3 list:

  • Level 3 leader & level 1 leader (12pts)
  • 3 groups of 8 Union Infantry (18pts)
  • Level 2 leader & level 1 leader (9pts)
  • 3 groups of 8 Union Infantry (18pts)
  • Level 1 leader (3pts)
  • 6 Union Skirmishers (11pts)
  • Level 1 leader (3pts)
  • 6 Union Skirmishers (11pts)
  • Level 1 leader (3pts)
  • Cannon & crew (7pts)

For a total of 95 points which nicely matches my Confederate force.

Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Surprise Delivery

Imagine my delight when a surprise parcel containing these arrived!

Very kindly sent to me by my good friend George (his splendid blog is here).  Thank you matey! 😎

The Paddy Griffith book looks to be especially interesting as it gives an overview of the war, weapons, equipment, organisation, tactics, etc.  The uniform reference book is jolly well timed too as I’m starting to get my Union force together. What splendid fellows gaming buddies can be eh?

Friday, 11 June 2021

Warhammer Barn Up-cycled for ACW

Many, many years ago I built a barn/workshop for my Warhammer Fantasy Battles collection.  In countless battles it was happily fought over by hosts of Dwarfs, Empire, Brettonians, Undead, Elves and Orcs.  But I long ago gave up on WFB and all those years in less than ideal storage had not been kind to the model.  So I replaced the damaged woodwork and repaired the battered roof, but that meant a significant re-paint.  I also had to remove or disguise several Warhammer-esque shields and other items.  Anyway, here it is again ready to grace our games of ACW.

It was a scratch build based on ideas from an article in White Dwarf.

The main structure is foam-core board which was then clad in carved balsa.

The chimney is modelling putty sculpted to represent stones.  The roof tiles are thin card.

It was re-based in a similar style to my troops.  I’m looking forward to using it in many happy hours of gaming with friends 🙂

Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Confederate Force for Sharp Practice

Here they are, deployed and ready for battle.

I plan to add two more groups of regulars and a couple of leaders so that I can field two units of 24.  A mounted commander would be a nice addition too.  Also on the list are a couple of mounted units plus dismounted figures and horse holders.

After that I’ll need to look at adding support options such as a water cart, an ammunition wagon and a mule train.  Then there’s wounded markers, maybe some little dioramas for deployment points, etc.