Friday, 28 May 2021

ACW & AWI Fences

Conflicts in the North American theatre, particularly for ACW and AWI, need the distinctive “zig zag” or “worm” style fencing to set the right tone for the battlefield.  So I’ve taken a short break from painting miniatures to build some.

These were based on the test piece (here) I made a while back.  Simply kebab sticks glued to MDF bases (Charlie Foxtrot Models).  Painting was easy: spray with Halfords grey primer, heavy dry brush of a lighter grey tester pot from the DIY store, then another heavy dry brush with an off-white tester pot.  Basing as per my troops.

The fences in the pic above are made from matchsticks.  Painting was as follows.  Prime with matt black spray, heavy dry brush of of VMC Leather Brown (any dark, flat brown would be good), very light dry brush with AP Uniform Grey.

I’ll probably add some cross and rail (with stones) style fencing too, but this lot will do for now.

Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Confederate Skirmishers (3)

These are all metal figures from the Perry range and very enjoyable they were to paint too!

This group brings my Confederate total to approximately 90-100 points for Sharp Practice 2, so more than enough for a good sized game.  Army pics to follow soon!

Wednesday, 19 May 2021

Confederate Militia (2)

The first unit of Militia is complete! Two groups of ten plus a leader. Here’s the second batch of figures.

The two groups.

The two groups with each batch mixed up to spread the different colours throughout the unit.

Also... in my earlier “artillery” post there was some confusion about which artillery piece was shown.  So here’s the iron 10lb parrot gun 😉

Happy gaming!

Friday, 14 May 2021

Confederate Artillery

A cannon & crew plus an officer join the ranks of my Confederate force for Sharp Practice.  All figures from the splendid Perry plastic ACW artillery set.

This piece represents a typical smooth bore cannon of the period which were cast in bronze.  The cannon carriage is painted in a drab olive green, GW Castellan.

Artillery tray by Charlie Foxtrot Models.

Thursday, 6 May 2021

Yet More Rebels

Another group of eight regulars including a flag bearer and a drummer plus a Sergeant to assist the officer.

My mate George has kindly drawn up some flags (thanks again) so when I can get my printer fixed, I’ll add something to the flag pole! 😂  Anyway, this gives me a ‘unit’ of four groups as the core of my Confederate force.

Still to be added are some more militia and an artillery piece (both of which are in progress) plus another unit of skirmishers.  I’ll add some cavalry, dismounted cavalry and horse holders later.