Friday, 30 April 2021

Confederate Militia (1)

My Confederate army is themed for early war so some militia are a must have! The painting “recipe” is here, although I’ve added a few extra colours to make them look a bit more like armed civilians rather than regular troops.

These are a mixture of Perry plastic and metal figures.  Another group of ten are in progress.  I have figures for a third group but I think thirty militia might be a bit unwieldy?

This fellow will be a level two leader and a self styled “Captain of Militia”.  I’ll take some better pics when the force is complete.

Monday, 12 April 2021

More Rebels

It’s not all Dakka Dakka here at the table!  Here’s a few more men in grey to boost my ACW force for SP2.

The bases have not been flocked yet as I’m awaiting a delivery of some static grass.  Up close, the highlights look a little stark (especially under a bright daylight lamp) but on the table I think they look okay.  Next up are some militia.