Thursday, 18 February 2021

More Warhammer 40K Nostalgia

A mixture of Real Life and a very hectic work schedule has meant there's not been much time for hobby things for a while now.  Indeed for a number of weeks my hobby 'vibe' was at a very low ebb.  However a sudden burst of inspiration saw me dig out my collection of Ork kits!  This was ideal as I could just grab the odd half hour here or there to get busy with clippers and ploystyrene cement.  So... what have I built?

This Ork Trukk kit was so much fun to build!  It reminded me of those crazy games of GorkaMorka back in the 90s.  That was a fun game.

Here's a few Shoota and Slugga boyz to give you a better idea of scale.

I've also built another squad of Ork Nobz.  This is another fantastic kit - no two figures should look the same as there's so many options available.

I'm currently working on a Battlewagon and it's a monster of a kit!  I'm hoping to have some bits left over so that I can Ork-ify an Imperial Leman Russ I have lurking in the plastic mountain.

I have managed to do a little painting too.  A friend kindly picked up a range of metallic paints from his local hobby shop some time back and they've proved to be ace!

So there you have it.  Not too much progress but I am keeping a little bit of hobby going.