Friday, 16 October 2020

Rebel Sharpshooters

Another group of skirmishers joins the cause!

Here’s the force so far. That’s approximately 53 points.

Next will be either more regular ‘line’ troops or maybe the militia 🤔 Probably the regulars as I’m saving the militia as a bit of a treat... they’ll have a few extra colours to make them look a bit less ‘army’ and slightly more ‘civilian’.

Friday, 9 October 2020

More Men in Grey

A small unit of the CSA's finest ready to take the field.

All painted as per my previous Rebels with the addition of an extra grey.  Some of the figures had the "post-wash" grey (AP Uniform Grey spray) highlighted using Foundry Slate Grey mid then light.  The difference is quite subtle (and isn't obvious in the pics) but seems worth doing.  For additional variety I painted a couple of the blanket rolls in red and green.  Future figures may include checks or stripes (steady!).

Next up is another unit of skirmishers.

Current thinking for an 1861-2 Starter Force is:-

Level III
3 Groups of Confederate Infantry with Rifled Muskets

Level II
2 Groups of Confederate Militia

Level I
1 Group of Confederate Skirmishers

Level I
1 Group of Confederate Skirmishers

For a total of 73 points