Monday, 14 September 2020

With a Rebel yell ...

 Introducing Sergeant William “Bill” Yidle and his Confederate Sharpshooters.

All Perry plastic figures and painted using a base coat, wash and highlight(s) technique.

The painting recipe is:
  • Prime with AP Uniform Grey (ideal for Confederate troops)
  • Paint the Jacket/Trousers/Blankets/Hats with one of
    • AP Uniform Grey - only where the spray had 'missed'
    • Foundry Night Sky
    • Foundry Bay
    • Foundry Rich Butternut
    • Foundry Spearshaft
    • Foundry Bavarian Cornflower Blue (used sparingly!)
  • Bags etc - either black or any sort of brown
  • Muskets - GW Scorched Brown
Then wash with GW Agrax, followed by highlights of the original colours plus further highlights of the lighter shades in each triad, or mix the base with a little VMC Dark Sand

  • Solid base of Americana Honey Brown
  • Highlights of
    • VMC Tan Yellow
    • VMC Dark Sand
    • Foundry Boneyard Light 
  • Add some Colonel Bills Winter Grass and some clump foliage and tufts

Each figure took approx 15 mins to base coat and wash.  Then around another 15 minutes to highlight.  I’m quite pleased with the results.

This force is aimed at the early to mid-war era so I’ve painted them with a number of items in different browns or blue-greys to give them a less uniform appearance than their colleagues later in the war. (Thanks to chum George for the tip 😉)

One box of these figures gives me a small but usable force of around 50 points for Sharp Practice. Another box will bulk out the infantry and give plenty of options.  I should probably stop looking back over Mr Scrivs’ blog 😂

The figures are based on pennies and the movement tray is lined with magnetic sheet to hold them nicely in place.  I felt that rare earth magnets (great for metal figures) would be too strong for these slightly more delicate plastic figures.