Thursday, 30 July 2020

Weatabix’s Farm

Here is Weatabix and his family on their farm in South West Britannia just waiting to welcome their new Roman masters...

The cattle pen and the chicken coop were shown in an earlier post.  The new dwellings are the two round houses, from Hovels, painted in the same style.  The wattle enclosure was made in the same fashion as the cattle pen.

Closer pics

Dramatis personae, Weatabix and his delightful missus Chlamydix with family.  Foundry figures.

Every farm needs a few hostile “attack” geese. Warbases figures.

Wolves for ambush points.  Again, Warbases.

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Scenery for Gaul

These buildings are Hovels and Gripping Beast and have been painted in the same style as the thatched hut I did some time ago.

NB: the roof of the larger building was base coated in VMC Leather Brown, and the smaller was given an extra highlight of Foundry Boneyard light, so as to give a bit of variety.

Settlements need crops, animal enclosures, livestock, etc too.  The piece on the right was originally made for Saga but has been re-purposed.  The fences at the rear are Renedra.  The enclosure in front was made by weaving garden wire around cocktail sticks then given a couple of coats of PVA.

This is my test piece for a marsh.  I used much darker earth colours than the other pieces as I wanted to give the ground a more boggy appearance.  The water areas were simply washed with a drab green.

These hills are from Kallistra and I’ve just jazzed them up a bit with extra grass and some clump foliage.

That should be enough to get playing Infamy Infamy!  I plan to add a couple of thatched round houses for battles set in Britannia.