Saturday, 25 January 2020

Troop Transport

I’ve had a few queries about how I’m storing my (mainly plastic) DAK and 8th army, so here it is.

The figures are based on 1p coins - the magnetic ones 😉
Box liners:
Magnetic sheets:
The box liner is designed to hold the figures in place using 4mm rare earth magnets.  They are quite powerful and that’s great for metal figures as they’re heavier and more robust.  But the plastic figures are obviously a bit more delicate and I could see the rifles, bayonets, etc getting broken as they’re removed.  So I ordered some lightweight magnetic sheets.  These hold figures well but not too well if you see what I mean.

The larger based figures are stored like this.

The compartments are made with little strips of sticky backed foam.  The bases have some thin “steel paper” on the underside.  The box compartments have a small piece of magnetic sheet.  For the British bases I’ll just line a really useful box with magnetic sheets as that’s far easier.

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Desert Scenery - Rocky Outcrops

I fancied a change from painting the 8th army figures so I turned my attention to some rocky outcrops for jazzing up the battlefield - not to mention giving the chaps somewhere to take cover!

These (the five pieces in the foreground) are resin items from Model Scenery Supplies, under the category War Terrain, thank you to George for the tip.  They're made by Javis and I'm very pleased with them.  Painted as per my usual desert basing style - see 'Painting' page link under the blog banner if you're interested.

Tip - a couple of these were slightly warped when they arrived so, to fix this, I soaked them in very warm water for about 10 mins then used either some small G clamps to hold them flat to a bookshelf, or simply put a book on top.  An hour later they were cool and, most importantly, flat and level.

These just about fill a 6 inch cube as per the Painting Challenge guidelines so that's another 20 points bringing the total to 145 points.

Friday, 17 January 2020

Another Section and Comms

More 8th army ready to take fight to Rommel's men.

The second section

Bren team
"I see you found the bipod, Eric" ... "Shut up Stan!"

The Radio Operator, which I’ll probably use as a FOO in CoC or part of the HQ team in BA

I really like this figure as it’s packed with character (Warlord Desert HQ pack).

That’s another 55 points for the challenge bringing my total to 125.  So it’s about a third of the way through the challenge and I’ve reached the halfway point for my target!  There’s a few things well underway on the painting table too.

Friday, 3 January 2020

More 8th Army - First Section

The first full section for my Desert British are ready for action!

Corporal and Rifle Team

Lance-Corporal and Bren Team

For the painting/basing recipe please have a look here.  That's another 50 points for the AHPC bringing my total to 70.