Friday, 4 October 2019

Probe Amongst The Hedgerows

Game 2 of the Kampfgruppe von Luck Pint-Sized Campaign for Chain of Command

For this encounter I could call on a whopping four points of support.  No prizes for guessing what I opted for, yes a Rifle Team and a Bren Team combined (with freebie Junior Leader) to form a whole section.  Re-organising the lads I now had three full sections (incl the support) with one of the platoon sections having an extra bloke.

All Dave has to do is get a team off my table edge!
The outskirts of Ranville (Para table edge at the top)

The cobbled track denotes the sunken lane - up to the buildings

View from the Paras side

The Patrol Phase resulted in the Paras having jump off points on the left flank by the fields and amongst the buildings on the right.  The Germans did well to push one right forward alongside the narrow track with the other two in the orchard (upper mid left in the pic).
JOPs in place

Dave brought on plenty of troops in quick succession so as to put pressure on me right across the line.  But the early part of the game went well for the Paras as they inflicted plenty of hits on the Germans their morale took a heavy beating.
Paras pop up behind the wall to hammer the Germans in the open
Dave’s cause was not helped by a squad getting stuck on the road and repeatedly being unable to clamber over the embanked hedge due to shock and low dice rolling.  The Paras amongst the farm buildings poured magazine after magazine in to their hapless foe.  Indeed at one point Dave felt that the Paras would hold his lads off... but numbers (and the associated firepower) began to tell.
Dave's men avoid the road! (eventually)

Fresh targets German squads arrive

After some “re-deployment” Dave put everything in to a concerted push down the middle of the table, along the track.  One squad advanced whilst everyone else in a grey uniform targeted the Paras.  I brought men across so as to hit any advancing German squad with crossing fields of fire.  That would also probably have meant the Germans losing their last couple of points of morale.  But Dave was able to get a CoC dice and interrupt me at a crucial point.  With a superb movement roll a squad of Germans sprinted over the line to win it.
The Germans gather to rush along the track

Thankfully I had only a few casualties whereas Dave’s men took something of a beating to secure the win.

The Butcher’s Bill
Paras, 3 casualties so 1 dead, and 2 missing the next game.
Germans, 16 casualties so 8 dead including a Junior Leader, 4 missing the next game, although again Dave can use a fresh platoon.

CO’s opinion: Down by 1 to -1
Men’s opinion: Up by 1 to +2
So whilst the CO isn't too happy, the men were pleased to give the enemy a thumping.

CO’s opinion:  Up by 1 to 2
Men’s opinion:  Down by 2 to -1
The CO is delighted but the men are most definitely not!

Lessons Learned
Not much here for me really, I think I played fairly well. But after the debacle of game one I just didn’t have enough chaps to cover all the approaches.
Next time I reckon Dave will view my cheery "Oh your chaps will be fine running up that road" with more reserve!

Another fab game against a splendid opponent! Many thanks Dave :o)