Tuesday, 26 March 2019

The Blog Returns

Yes, the blog is back in action. It's been "off air" for a little while to allow me to do some behind the scenes tidying up, de-cluttering, etc.  It's been going since 2007 so a clear out was definitely required!  It shouldn't (in theory) appear any different.

The break has also given me some time to mull over what I want from my blog and to think about what readers/visitors like.  I started way back with two blogs; one for battle reports and one for painting, but quickly combined them.  As time passed it became a more generalised hobby blog with show reports, product reviews and random waffle, etc creeping in.

I know from the stats that battle reports are often very popular but I must admit that these are by far the most time consuming posts to write.  They also require me to faff about taking lots of pics during the game along with making a few notes, which can at times be a bit distracting from the enjoyment of play.  So... in future there will be fewer lengthy battle reports.

An invaluable aspect of the blog for me has been the ability to look back at previous painting related posts to see what colours, etc were used.  I tend to flit from one project to another so having a record of paints, techniques, materials, etc is very useful.  This is something that I will definitely continue to do more of.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by!