Wednesday, 20 February 2019

More DAK armour rolls in

I found this little half-track in one of my "bits" boxes.  It's a Blitzkreig model and the casting is okay but, to be honest, not quite a crisp as recent kits from Warlord.

I tested a slightly different technique compared to my earlier Panzer II, etc.  Primed with AP Skeleton Bone spray and given a base coat of Foundry Boneyard shade.  Then gave it a pin wash of AP Strong Tone was (from a bottle not a tin).  The base colour was used to tidy up the edges and panels.  Paint the tracks and tyres black and highlight with grey.  Then highlight everything with a dry-brush of Foundry Boneyard mid and light.  That's it!

The crew figure is from a Warlord 251 kit, painted the same as all my other DAK.

Base from Charlie Foxtrot Models; textured and painted as described for my other DAK vehicles.

Friday, 8 February 2019

DAK Anti-Tank Gun

More firepower for Rommel's finest!  This time it's a lovely Pak 38 from Warlord Games.

The kit was pretty cleanly cast but it was a little fiddly to put together.

Not a view any Allied tanker would enjoy.

All painted and based using the recipes I've described in earlier posts.  Check out the "Painting" tab above if you'd like more info.