Sunday, 10 December 2017

Scenic Tokens for Sharp Practice

I like my gaming tokens to match the units. Shiny pieces of plastic are all well and good but I do find that they rather spoil the look of a good table. So I made these Present!, Uncontrolled and Reload! tokens for Sharp Practice.

They are simply Charlie Foxtrot mdf bases (40mm x 20mm) on to which I've glued the printed words. I've roughly torn the edges of the paper as I thought an irregular edge would look better.

Next, just apply your usual basing methods.

Here, it's sand and grit painted with Americana Honey Brown followed by highlights of VMC Dark Sand (847) then Foundry Boneyard light. Then out comes the box of grass and foliage, etc.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

First Painted Figures for Sharp Practice

The Redcoats are marching to war!

Yes, I've pulled my finger out and painted some figures for Sharp Practice. Award winners they ain't, because I've made the conscious decision to paint them up "fairly quickly". As long as they look good at three feet then that's good enough for me. One of the big stumbling blocks for me back in my "Napoleonic days" was getting to caught up with the details on each individual figure which slowed painting to a crawl. Plus it just made things hard work.

Here's the painting recipe if you're interested. I started with a light-to-mid grey primer. The flesh is Foundry Flesh mid, the red is Foundry Bright Red shade, the musket is GW Scorched Brown. Next, give these areas a wash of slightly thinned Agrax Earthshade wash. When that's dry highlight the flesh with the mid and light colours from the triad. The red gets the base colour again, leaving some shaded areas. The musket is highlighted with Foundry Conker Brown shade. Here's the result so far.

The white areas, trousers, waistcoat, straps, etc are the key to getting these looking right so a bit of layering is worth the effort I reckon. A grey primer helps here as the next layer is Foundry Slate Grey light, but try to leave a little of the primer showing.

Next comes Foundry Austrian Grey mid. I don't worry too much about any splodges of paint that escape the edges (particularly the straps) as I'll tidy it all up with black later.

And finally the white.

The only bits left still to paint (hat, boots, ammo pouch, etc) are now covered in GW Black followed by highlights of Foundry Charcoal mid. The cuffs and lapels get a few dots of white for the lacing. Give the edge of the hat a little white too. The barrel and bayonet are painted with GW Leadbelcher.

The result is little untidy in places but I'm happy with them. Three groups of eight all ranked up on the table will look good I think.
The bases are UK 1p as they'll go in Charlie Foxtrot movement trays. They've been given a coat of fine sand then painted with Americana Honey Brown, VMC 847 Dark Sand then Foundry Boneyard light. I'll add some static grass, etc at a later point, probably when I do the trays.