Wednesday, 11 October 2017

More Romans

Yes, I've been at it again with the brushes! Just a few figures this time to bring one of my 18 man cohorts up to a more durable 24 figures.
The recipe is as follows

GW Black Spray
Tidy up any 'gaps' with a little GW black, slightly thinned helps.

Base of GW Leadbelcher
Apply black wash e.g. GW Nuln Oil
1st highlight GW Leadbelcher
2nd highlight GW Mithril (now Runefang Steel) for the edges of the armour
Then GW Gehenna’s Gold for the brass fittings. If you have it then a dark brass/copper colour like GW Tin Bitz makes a good base coat for the gold.

Tunic (and scarf)
GW Khorne Red
1st highlight GW Mephiston Red
2nd highlight Foundry Bright Red Shade
My Legion have a range of reds for their tunics, some have the Foundry Madder triad for example, other Foundry British Redcoat. Try making some of the scarves a dirty off-white with any light brown and the Foundry Boneyard.

Foundry Flesh triad.

Base of GW Mournfang Brown
Apply Agrax Earthshade wash to pick out the details
GW Mournfang Brown to highlight
Base of Foundry Bay Brown shade
Highlight with Foundry Bay Brown light

Leather (straps, scabbard, etc)
Practically any browns you like using! A simple base colour followed by one highlight is usually sufficient on these smaller areas.

Foundry Spearshaft triad.

Front – spray white (for transfers) then tidy the edges with black and then silver or gold/brass.
Back – Foundry British Redcoat shade, Agrax earthshade wash, highlight with redcoat shade.
After applying the transfer you may have to tidy the edge with a little dark red.

A good coat of brush-on gloss followed by a couple of coats of brush-on matt.

Have a look here


Phil said...

Absolutly superb, special mention to the armor and shield works...

Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

Nice, very nice

The Wargames Table said...

Thank you kindly chaps :o)

George Anderson said...

Coming along nicely, hope to meet them with the Twelfth at some point, maybe next year?

TobiasK said...

Great looking miniatures.