Friday, 11 August 2017

Roman Casualty Markers

Various rules require a way to track the status of units during the battle e.g. Casualties, Fatigue, Push & Shove, Shock, Momentum ... whatever! Anyway, I decided to make some dial counters to represent this for my EIR and here they are.

The casualty figures are from Black Tree Miniatures; a mix of Auxiliaries and Legionaries.

As they're casualties I decided to skip my usual layered painting style and instead opted for a block colour and wash effect, followed by some basic highlights. Here they are with the armour painted black and given a dry-brush of GW Leadbelcher, the rest of figure is just one colour, i.e. Foundry Flesh B, Foundry Boneyard B, GW Mephiston Red, VMC Leather Brown, etc.

Now for the wash... GW Agrax Earthshade of course! I'm sure something like Army Painter wash or ink would be just as effective.

After that I simply applied a few highlights of the original 'block' colours. The completed figures were matt varnished - you might like to add a little final highlight to the armour as some matt varnishes can leave the metal looking a little dull - it's up to you.

I picked the numbered dials up at a show some years ago but many styles are available. Tip - use a little bit of blu-tak to block the window in the top dial when applying texture as this helps to avoid getting any bits in the dial itself. The dials were then based, flocked, etc to match the rest of my army. I may add some discarded weapons or shields at later date but I think they're fine for now.