Monday, 6 March 2017

Bocage Test Piece

I've been thinking about making some bocage for a while now and have seen a number of excellent examples on t'web and at shows; so I thought I'd try out a small test piece to see if my ideas were okay. It's simply a thin strip of blue styrofoam glued to a piece of card (to protect the edges). I've shaped the foam to give more sloping sides then applied a good layer of gritty sand.

Styrofoam is best sliced with a bread knife
Shaped, textured and painted in earth colours
A light garnish of your favourite flock or grass
The earth colours are my usual recipe followed by a mixture of Woodland Scenics clump foliage much like the hedges I made a couple of years back.
Hans posing ... the hedge is about 45mm high
A better height comparison

Further pieces will have more tufts and flowers plus incorporate tree stumps, bushes, fencing, old bits of farm junk, etc. Longer sections will allow for a greater variety of height too - some of the real bocage is 15-20 feet or more! But this was just a 'proof of concept' so I kept it quite modest. One of the future Normandy campaign games requires a sunken lane leading in to a village, so a few feet of this should do the trick nicely!


George Anderson said...

Good luck with the latest project.

Colonel Mustard said...

Great looking bocage!

JOHNBOND said...

Nice start Matt,looking good,eager to see the completed set as I will be trying to make Bocage in the 2nd half of the year.
cheers John

Rodger said...

Looking really good Matt!

Gary said...

Excellent work Matt.

Matt Crump said...

Looks effective to me 🙂

Matt said...

Many thanks chaps! :o)

harada57 said...
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