Thursday, 8 December 2016

Building the Brasserie - Part 2

My Charlie Foxtrot Models Brasserie kit is complete! As I mentioned before, my intention was to make a 'tile' with outbuildings, etc. Here it is. The back garden even has a little fruit & veg patch.

I've added some signs to both the café and the outbuilding. I've also placed some of the bits and bobs I posted recently.

The basic idea is that the tile can be placed on a corner or junction.

The tiled area is just good quality printed card with a nice matte finish.

Here are a few shots of some of the extra components. First the large shed or outbuilding.

Pics of my brasserie can be found here. A couple of signs/adverts give a nice French theme.

Add a bit of mould and lichen on the roof!

Every café needs a suitable convenience... an outside w/c.

Here's the tile without the buildings or clutter. The brick piers and gate are from Charlie Foxtrot but pretty much everything else was scratch built. The walls are foam-core with individually carved tiles made from plasticard.

A closer look at the garden. The paths are just old masonry paint given a sandy/gritty paint scheme.

A couple of pics without the scenic clutter.

I've tried to strike a balance between a truly realistic looking model and a good piece of wargaming scenery. I could have added all sorts of extra scenic items and clutter but then I'd have struggled to place my miniatures in the terrain.

I hope you've enjoyed these couple of articles!


Greg said...

Excellent piece Matt. Striking the balance between realistic and playable is always a challenge. I have found small scatter pieces that you drop in on the tile that can be removed as you want to place the figures also work the charm. Colin's buildings are great I would still like to get his 20mm ones but I'm in South Africa and the exchange rate and postage are a bit of a deal killer at present.

JOHNBOND said...

Nice Work Matt,like the posters and the garden set up,you have inspired me to add more bits and pieces for interest to my buildings, and as GReg has stated you have balanced playable as well.
cheers JOhn

Matt said...

Many thanks for your kind words chaps!! :o)

Rodger said...

Very nice work Matt!

A J said...

Nicely done! I don't think I've seen a better-realised vegetable patch.

Steve said...

Looks really great - I too like the idea of scenic tiles just seems to finish everything. I have the CF stables,small barn and some outbuildings I want to set up as a little scene with them - currently though I'm working on the boulangerie which will become Jack Jones the butchers 😁