Sunday, 9 October 2016

A bit of World War One

Wargames Table chums Rob Broom and Orange Dave put on a rather splendid Somme inspired WW1 demo game for Dave's superb Zero Hour rules at the Worlds show, Donnington (01/10/16). Now, I couldn't make it along but I did supply some scenery and troops so I was kind of there in spirit! ;o)  Here's a few pics... (slightly dodgy lighting made good pics quite tricky)

British mass for the attack on the German trenches
From the German side
New technology makes it's debut ... a tank rumbles into the line!
Not to be outdone... he comes the RFC
The French also attack
The tank proves useful at cutting through obstacles
A shattered farm somewhere on the Somme
Every battlefield needs a river
The British reach the trench lines! Hurrah!

Hopefully this demo game will gradually expand and feature at a few more shows!