Thursday, 22 September 2016

SAGA - Age of the Wolf Campaign

At last!!! Orange Dave and I have got our calendars sorted and played the first two rounds of the club Saga campaign which brings me nicely up to date. My faction is a Viking War band led by the indomitable Magnus Håkonsson. I rolled for his traits and got "Learn'd" and "Hard Ruler" - both great for boosting my war band before and after battles, plus the special rule "The Conqueror". Magnus is clearly a man to be reckoned with!!

Dave has been busy painting some lovely Foundry figures. The photos are a bit shonky but hopefully you can see how good they are!
Some of Dave's lovely Anglo-Danes

Game One - I decided to raid the territory of Dave's Warlord, the Anglo-Danish Leofstan the Bastard. The scenario came up as "Scout" so we both cautiously advanced in to an abandoned village. Now, it's been ages since I last played (that's my excuse anyway!) so I was a bit vague about how the game worked, but I soon picked it up.
The action in the abandoned village... Ouch!

Anyway, Dave's Warlord has a great ability to move two units with his freebie move so he was able to swiftly bring his forces to bear with superior numbers. My Vikings gave the Danes a bloody nose (metaphorically speaking!!) but with two Hirdmen units gone plus a unit of Bondi, my warlord signalled a withdrawal.
While over on the flank the levy throw sticks at each other!?

Post game we sorted out the campaign stuff. This went well for Magnus as his unit of Thralls were upgraded to Warriors and most of the casualties were replaced thanks to his traits.

Game Two - sorry no pics - was a simply ambush on a forest road. Dave's Anglo-Danes were ambushing. I sacrificed a unit of Bondi (and ultimately a unit of Hirdmen too) in order to allow the rest of my force to escape the ambush and head off in search of plunder. Again the post game campaign rolls were fairly good, giving Magnus a 5pt war band of 2 x 4 Hirdmen, 2 x 8 Warriors and 1 x 8 Thralls. Plus a campaign point in to the bargain too - a good start for my Norse Raiders!

A big thank you to Dave for coming over and sorting out a splendid introduction to Age of the Wolf. Really enjoyed it mate! :o)


The Kiwi said...

Great stuff. cheers

roma912 said...

Interesting to see some comments on the SAGA campaign system. I have the book just haven't found the time to read it through and the get it to the table. Like the progress the warband has made in a short time.

Cheers, Ross

Matt said...

@The Kiwi - thanks buddy!!

@Ross - Hi, the AotW book is a bit oddly laid out but is does seem to work quite well. My local club has 8-10 people in the campaign and the feedback has generally been very good! Give it a whirl! :o)

George Anderson said...

This type of DA skirmishing lends itself well to small campaigns, I have played several with Dux Brittaniarum. Better watch Magnus doesn't fall.

Matt said...

Cheers George! Fear not... Magnus will triumph!!! :-P

Phil said...

Great looking Anglo-Danes figures!