Saturday, 29 November 2014

Visit Foundry ... Start another army!

Yes, dear blog reader I couldn’t resist all those packs lining the walls of the Foundry shop!

After seeing some of the lovely figures at the recent W&C National Tournament I just had to make a 'proper' start on another Dark Ages army.

To be fair I have (a) got a decent sized Saxon force done, (b) already made a tentative step towards a Norman force when I purchased some plastics to do Saga force, so it's not entirely a new army. Really. If you think about it. ;o)

Plus I already have a few packs of Normans from Crusader Miniatures in the lead mountain. Then there's the old GW Bretonnians that have a few re-usable figures. So, actually, it made perfect sense to get some Normans from Foundry!

It's not a project that I'll start immediately - I really have to get my CoC Late War Germans done first (otherwise Phil is going to get really cross!). After that I'd be keen to paint a few Normans!

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Para Officer and 5cm Mortar

To celebrate the recent birthday of Wargames Table chum Phil, I painted a few figures for him to add to his WW2 collection. Firstly, here's a Parachute Officer with a mug of tea from Artizan.

Phil bases his leaders on octagonal bases with a few red flowers.

Painting recipe: Trousers - Foundry Bay, Vallejo English Uniform. Jacket - Foundry Moss Light, Foundry Bay Shade/Mid, Foundry Dragoon Green Shade/Light. Webbing - Foundry Storm Green Mid/Light.

Secondly, in order to ensure no bias to one side or the other, I also painted up this 5cm mortar team from Crusader miniatures.

Painting recipe: Uniform - Foundry Slate Grey Shade, Vallejo Grey Green. Bag - Foundry Buff Shade/Mid/Light. Mortar & Gas mask container - Vallejo German Fieldgrey (highlight with base + Bleached Bone light)