Saturday, 20 September 2014

Gaming Weekend - Vikings vs Saxons

Saturday afternoon saw us clear away the Romans (with a dust pan and brush?) and Germans and bring out the Saxons and Vikings. This time it was 3,250 points per side. As Phil kindly noted in a comment on my last post, my dice rolling had been frankly appalling in the morning so I was hoping for some kinder dice in this game ... Hmmm?

Here's the deployment. I concentrated my Danes on one flank hoping to overwhelm part of the Saxon force before the rest could arrive to help out.

Phil has most of his units fielded as a front rank of good/expensive Thegns, backed up by 2 ranks of the weaker Ceorls. All nice and historical. But that does mean there seems to be rather a lot of them!

As Phil's skirmishers advance, one of them stops of enjoy the local leisure facilities. Yeugh!

With both armies keen to get to grips with one another, it soon was time for a clash of shieldwalls. Here we see a unit of Hirdmen led by a Jarl plough in to the shieldwall of a unit of Thegns/Ceorls ... get 'em lads!

Then I rolled the dice ... Hmmm. The two hits (the '5' and '6') failed to achieve any kills. Then the Saxons struck back ... and hard!

The red 'Retreat' arrow in the picture here tells an all too familiar story. Only on the Viking left flank (ironically held by allied Saxons!!!) did they give as good as they got or better.

Alas, the few other pictures I took of this game were all a bit rubbish, but safe to say it was a sorry tale of woe for the invading Danes!

A solid victory to the Saxons of Kent and another for Phil ... this was starting to become something of a habit!? Another good game - if slightly depressing for the Vikings at certain moments!!! ;o)

We cleared away the carnage and began setting the scene for some Chain of Command 1918 style. More on that in the next post!


Rodger said...

Sounds like some of my dice throwing! Great looking game Matt!

Phil Turner said...

I'm afraid that picture of the dice sums up Matt's weekend.


David Toone said...

Those kinda dice rolls are the only way you could possibly win that many games on the trot Phil!!!

Still, there'll be more Danes on the way to crush the men of Kent soon enough...

Paul Waechter said...

Outstanding dice rolling there, reminds me of myself! Excellent looking game though :-)

The Kiwi said...

Great looking game bu the sheep look worried.