Friday, 19 September 2014

Gaming Weekend - EIR vs Germans

As mentioned in the British Paras post, a few of us got together last weekend for some gaming fun. Saturday was a mix of War & Conquest and Chain of Command. Sunday was purely a big game of War & Conquest. I'll cover these in a short series of posts - please don't expect detailed battle reports though - I was more interested in gaming than taking lots of notes.

Here's the first of Saturday's games: Phil T's German "Barbarians" led by the fearsome Warlord "Philarminius" vs my EIR (with Gallic allies) led by the newly appointed Legate Gaius Maximus Bellendicus. The game was 2,500 points per side. Here, somewhere near the Rhine, the armies deploy for battle.

A couple of turns in and both armies are manoeuvring for advantage. Crumbs that's a lot of angry Germans!

Phil's left flank: His Nobles square up to the Roman Auxiliary cavalry (although they're actually spare Germans - but hey!?)

A view along the lines.

Now, apologies for the slightly blurry photo (my camera occasionally goes in to "special mode") but I wanted to show you two things here: firstly how games of WaC often develop in to a series of long-ish lines of troops - especially in the centre - which seems quite "realistic" to me. Secondly, my "plan" - use the centre legions to break the German centre, whilst the other legions hold the centre-flanks. Hmmm ... plans are nice aren't they.

Well bang goes that theory - as La-dee-da Gunner Graham used to say - the centre legions both fought like wombats and were routed, the legion on the left (out of shot) held, but the on the right they legged it to!!!

"Run lads" ... I roll the 3D6, the two lowest being the distance fled by heavy infantry ... they rolled 1, 2 and 3. Needless to say the barbarians had little problem running them down, including the General.

The other centre legion was caught in a subsequent turn - in WaC fleeing troops are very fragile so if you can get your own troops in to them before they rally then they are slaughtered.

A solid and well deserved victory to Phil, and a good game to boot! Next post will see me trying to avenge the defeat by hurling Vikings at Phil's Saxon shieldwall.


Phil Turner said...

Matt forgot to mention that he had some shocking dice rolling !!

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