Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Musketeer Miniatures - "King" Arthur

Wow! These figures are sublime ... wonderful ... superb! King Arthur, his banner bearer and two packs of his knights.

Ok, we all know that "King" Arthur never really existed and perhaps the source of his legend is really the combined exploits of several powerful warriors in 5th century Britain, but we also know that it would be jolly good fun to include the Big Man in our games.

Can't wait to get some of these figures!



Lurkus Spleen said...

Now there some sweet looking models, looking forward to seeing them painted up mate :o).


The Kiwi said...

Nice indeed.

Bedford said...

Bill's one of the best sculptors around these days so it doesn't surprise me that the Arthurian miniatures are so beautiful.


Matt said...

The Boss has agreed that if I'm good (i.e. stick to diet/exercise plan for a whole week!) then I can order them.

Now that's my kind of incentive!


Loki said...

Saw these at Vapnartak show at the weekend, my wallet was unable to resist

Bedford said...

I was going to buy 'em but Darren distracted both Saby and I by teaching us the basics of Saga.... :>(

Paul O'G said...

I so want to do some Sub Roman British - this kind of thing just isn't helping me to resist!

marinergrim said...

They are very nice piece from Bill. I can imagine them looking stunning when painted up as described in the Cornwall novels.

Moiterei_1984 said...

Have them myself so yes they're some excellent figures.