Sunday, 16 February 2014

Austrian Casualties for the Painting Challenge

The latest bonus round for the Painting Challenge is themed as Casualties, so here are some for my Great War Austrians.


I have a bunch of regular troops on the go but they're not quite ready yet.

This lot takes me to just over 300pts so still some way to go!

Monday, 10 February 2014

Warbases are superb!

Just a quick post to say what a splendid bunch of people they are at Warbases!

Here's a picture (of a selection!) from a recent batch of bases I received for my Dux Bellorum gaming project.

The two on the top right are regular 6x2 formation 20mm move trays, these are for my Shieldwall formations. The two on the top left are Skirmisher movement trays with five 20x20mm inserts. The others are Warrior movement trays with nine inserts for 20x20mm bases.

The two latter types of tray were custom made for me. Warbases communication with customers is ace; polite and prompt. The prices are very reasonable and delivery is swift. Add to that a good product and you can see why I think they're a great outfit. Highly recommended!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Musketeer Miniatures - "King" Arthur

Wow! These figures are sublime ... wonderful ... superb! King Arthur, his banner bearer and two packs of his knights.

Ok, we all know that "King" Arthur never really existed and perhaps the source of his legend is really the combined exploits of several powerful warriors in 5th century Britain, but we also know that it would be jolly good fun to include the Big Man in our games.

Can't wait to get some of these figures!


Sunday, 2 February 2014

New Painting ... Arthurian Romans


It's been a bit slow on the gaming/painting front recently due to things like work, being poorly, etc. But here at last are my first ever Age of Arthur Late Romans.

These are from Musketeer and are (IMHO) some of the nicest figures I've had the pleasure of painting.

Shields are from LBMS naturally.

These are my entry for the Heroic Group bonus round for the Painting Challenge ... and about time too as I'm rather slipping behind schedule!

They will also form the command group for my Foot Companions in my Romano-British army for Dux Bellorum ... more on that subject in later posts.

I painted them in a similar style to the Saxons/Vikings I've done before, i.e. block colours and dip/wash, but I added some highlights before applying the wash, however they've rather been lost. Depending upon how the unit looks when complete I may go back and add some extra highlights - but they'll do for now.