Wednesday, 18 December 2013

WaC & Black Powder

On Sunday I joined up with Rob (of Scarab Miniatures) to play some War & Conquest. What with being poorly recently and other commitments, it's been some time since I last played WaC so I was rather looking forward to it.

Rob was keen to use his lovely Samurai army whilst I wanted to give one of my ancients armies a run out, preferably the British Celts. No problem; the ancient & medieval genre covers a wide range of history and WaC caters for this without any issues. I know some players prefer strictly historical match-ups (this is my usual preference too) but that's no barrier to a good game.

Here's a pic of the deployment.


Both 2,000pt armies deployed using the Autumn variant. My objective was "Test of Strength" where I had get at least one unit into my opponents deployment zone by the end of the game whilst keeping any enemy units out of mine. Rob's was "Breakthrough" where he must get two regular units off the table via my deployment zone. But to maintain the suspense, Rob and I kept our objectives secret.

The game began with determined advances by both sides - not surprising given our objectives. However, I was rather too optimistic on my right flank with the chariots. They swept in to tackle the Samurai cavalry, rolled superbly to hit but then the dice gods abandoned me and only one Samurai fell beneath the storm of javelins. They disengaged but next turn Rob won the Strategic Advantage (again!) and the cavalry thundered in to the chariots and swept all before them.

In the centre my warbands advanced in to a hail of shots from the Ashigaru bowmen and hand gunners. But at last they reached the enemy lines and butchered the missile men.

With time drawing on we finished the game after turn 5 and it was clear that whilst some of the Barbarians had done well, the Samurai were going to be able to achieve their breakthrough. So a victory to Rob, well done sir!

As for the Black Powder... Steve (along with chum Simon) is planning a re-fight of Waterloo in January to celebrate the occasion of his birthday. So he and Simon were busily sorting through boxes of 1:72nd plastic figures to work out which formations could be represented. Here's a pic of just some of their cavalry!

A number of us will be joining in the fun so have volunteered to paint a few extra battalions. I'm currently working on the second of two French battalions. More on this topic in a future post!

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DeanM said...

Haven't played WaC yet, but the set up looks similar enough to WAB - nice troops too. I am keen on seeing more of the Black Powder game too - nice to see 1/72nd plastics being used - and they look great. Best, Dean