Saturday, 21 December 2013

French Napoleonics

My first Napoleonics for absolutely ages! Chum Steve is planning a day gaming in January to celebrate his birthday. Not just any old battle either ... a re-fight of Waterloo. So he's asked everyone if they could paint up some extra troops. Here's my contribution. Two battalions of 1:72nd Italeri French Line Infantry.

These can also contribute towards my Painting Challenge total, although one of the battalions was started some time back, so only the second battalion and casualty markers can be counted. Still, that's 104 points done!

Here's the first battalion.

The second battalion.

Really enjoyed painting these. It's certainly given me much to think about in terms of how I might one day get my 28mm collection to a point where I could play a game.

K-e-e-p Painting!


Rodger said...

Very very nice work there Matt!

James Fisher said...

Good looking units Matt. They will make a fine addition to the masses for the big game!

Unknown said...

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