Saturday, 3 August 2013

Crumbs! New Painting

Yes, you read the title correctly! I have finally managed to put brush to model again. Whilst tidying up in the man cave recently I found some partially painted Vikings and was inspired to finish them off. Here they are.

Starting with four Bondi archers to bring the unit up to a more useful 12 figures.

And again.

The others are a small group to Bondi to top up two larger units both to 24 figures.

A point worth noting here is that I've given shield painting a go! I didn't have transfers suitable for the four figures with larger shields so I gave them simple halved or quartered patterns and I'm rather pleased with them.

The other four use the splendid LBMS dark ages transfers.

All painted in my usual base colours, a light brush of 'dip, varnish, then highlights. It's been a real pleasure to get painting again.

The Wargames Table will be taking a short break soon to enjoy two weeks in France. I've plenty to read and I may even take some figures to paint - possibly some Normans for Saga.