Saturday, 9 March 2013

Next Big Project

Yes, after a lot of head scratching I've finally settled on my next big wargaming project; Caesar's Legions! I've been thoroughly immersed in the Dark Ages for around 18 months starting with warbands for Saga then expanding these in to large armies for War & Conquest, then taking part in some demo games at shows and generally having a lot of fun. So it's been good but now I feel I need a change, both in terms of painting and gaming.

One of the books I've been avidly reading recently

Although I already have a modest Early Imperial Roman army I've been interested in gaming Caesar's conquest for a long while. The deciding factor was Warlord's announcement of their new Caesarian boxed sets.

I've ordered three boxes, that's 72 figures for £48, plus I added a box of Numidian cavalry. I've already got suitable command figures plus some generic skirmishers on the painting table, so that's most of an army. Good value at £73 I think. It's certainly enough to be play some good sized games. No doubt I'll think about adding either more Legions or more Auxiliaries ... or both!

To avoid bother with the post I've asked Warlord to hang on to the order until after we move so it will be a little while before I've any painted figures to show, plus I have a few Dark Age bits and bobs to finish off.

I've also been thinking about how to base and transport the figures. At the recent War & Conquest gaming day I was very impressed by some of the chaps who turned up with their figures already on move trays stored in shallow plastic boxes. They needed only minutes to have their figures ready on the table. Therefore I'll be looking at multi-basing the figures, possibly in 4 x 1 or 4 x 2's, and I'll be investigating the various options for magnetic basing. Speaking of bases - I'm considering a new more arid colour scheme for the bases.That's because I have a vague idea about collecting a Parthian force - but that's another matter.

Happy gaming.


Dalauppror said...

It will be very interesting to follow your project and how you will solve the basing and trasport issue:)

Best regards Michael

Unknown said...

I'm more and more tempted by a 28mm adventure, especially by a Roman army. I'll watch your project closely.

Ray Rousell said...

Sounds like a plan! Looking forward to the Romans!

tidders2 said...

One of my favourite periods; looking forward to seeing the romans

I went Romans v gauls/celts using 54mm figs - mainly as it provided a real modelling challenge - lots of conversions to do(see

-- Allan

BigRedBat said...

I'm very curious about the size of them, would love to see a photo when you get them...

legatus hedlius said...

Me too! Looking forward to following this!

Matt said...

Thanks chaps!

@Allan - like the blog! Splendid Celts :o)

@BRB - I will build a few as soon as they arrive and post up some comparison pics alongside BTD & Aventine. Will be a couple of weeks yet though!