Saturday, 26 March 2011

Scenery for The Great War

It's been ages (several years in fact) since I made any proper pieces of scenery. The last lot was a bunch of Warhammer-esque timber framed buildings for my then local wargaming club in Christchurch, NZ. So I decided I'd have a break from painting figures and make some more scenery - this time for wargaming The Great War.

First we have a sort of emplacement or part of a revetted slip trench.

(click for a larger image)

And from the rear.

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Almost every era of gaming can make use of broken ground or "area terrain", so I've made these without any period specific items such as discarded pila or rifles, etc. I made enough for approx four large-ish areas.

Area Terrain
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No Great War battlefield would look right without some sections of barbed wire. I think it looks quite evocative and really sets the scene, so I've built several and here's one.

Barbed Wire
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Making scenery is fairly easy so if you've never been inclined then I'd really recommend giving it a whirl.

All of these items are based on 3mm hardboard for extra durability. The sides of the emplacement were made from high density polystyrene (blue styrofoam). The revetting was simply balsa glued to card. The posts for the wire are cocktail sticks and the wire itself is from Scarab, and just £3 for 5m.

Everything is covered in PVA and fine sand. Then painted in various shades of brown and sand, plus additional static grass (two colours) and a few bits of woodland scenics foliage.

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Sidney Roundwood said...

Looking really good, Matt. They'll be really useful on any table. Fantastic.