Sunday, 27 March 2011

Dwarven Submarine!

... and now for something completely different... ;-)

Many years ago my old friend Tim and I came up with the idea of "Warhammer Ahoy!". It's still going strong here and I'm pleased to think that some of our ideas made it in to Warhammer Historical's Legends of the High Seas.

The basis was that the Reikland River Patrol - led by the tireless Otto von Blick - were trying to defeat the river pirates - led by the infamous yet mysterious pirate known only as 'The Wolf' (think of the Stig but with more "aa-harr me hearties")

Our games had a narrative all of their own, with each game leading on to the next - or even starting a whole new campaign direction. No question of points-per-side and all that rhubarb. Games were played with whatever figures we had available and it was up to the GM to keep things in balance and most importantly, to keep the story alive! Heady stuff indeed.

The Reikland River Patrol soon found allies in the Dwarves and here's their contribution to the fleet. Mostly scratch-built from card, balsa and plasticard - with the odd bit from an old Empire Steam Tank.

The Spirit of Grimnir
(click for a larger image)

Anyway ... what's the reason for all this nostalgic rambling? Well, I've been sorting out my gaming stuff and found all my old Warhammer Ahoy! stuff. What to do with it though? The simple answer was to give it to my children to add to their Lego collection - so for a lot of today this 'sub' along with a much larger scratch-built sailing boat (and other boats too) has been sailing around the upstairs rooms crewed by all sort of Lego folk. Remember - they're toys after all!?

The Captain shown on deck here is a temporary stand-in. The true Captain was known as "the Dwarf with the chicken on his head" as the figure was sculpted with some sort of dragon like crest on his helm. Classic figures indeed.

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Awesome piece of technology! Nice mix of kitbashing and scratchbuilding!