Saturday, 19 March 2011

Blast, Pinned and Falling Back Markers

Where rulesets call for units to be noted as affected by the rules in some manner, I prefer to have appropriate markers rather than using whatever odds and ends are available - usually a spare dice.

In WH's The Great War units can be 'pinned' either from shells/bombs or from HMG shooting. Here are blast markers - made just as shown in this month's Wargames Illustrated.

Fall Back!
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These markers are to show the ground being churned up by machine gun fire. They're bit of cotton wool covered in glue then painted.

Fall Back!
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Finally, these are to denote units that are 'falling back'.

Fall Back!
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Steve said...

Clever idea and useable in so many periods - love the falling back markers!

roma912 said...

Great looking markers

Neil Scott said...

impressive, particularily like the signposts

BigRedBat said...

The blast markers, in particular, are excellent.

CarloAntonio said...

Very great look !!

marinergrim said...

excellent sir. Like those a lot.