Friday, 7 January 2011

Gaming Thoughts for 2011

What a mixed year 2010 was in terms of gaming efforts. So in the year ahead it’s imperative that I make an effort to get some gaming projects completed, or at least completed to the point where I can play a few reasonable sized games with some variety. This includes...

Early Imperial Romans
These are most definitely my favourite army. I have around 1,800 points (for WAB) but this includes two cohorts of 18 dipped plastic Warlord figures. Whilst these figures look fine they are not quite compatible with my existing cohorts of more conventionally painted Black Tree legionaries. To get this army to a more satisfactory 2,000 – 2,250 points I need to replace the plastic legions, add another 8 or so Auxilia, plus add a unit of 9-10 Auxilia cavalry. I might even add a few more legion to boost the 18’s to 24’s. That’s about 50-55 figures.

This army is a similar size to the Romans and is mostly made up of dipped Warlord plastic Celts. I’m quite pleased with how this army looks and all it really needs are some extra warriors / fanatics, another unit of cavalry and maybe some skirmishers to reach a comfortable 2,000 points. To give more figure variety I’ll probably add a couple of Gripping Beast Celt war band deals. Approximately 45-50 figures.

Battlefields & Scenery
However, expanding these armies presents the ‘challenge’ of battlefield size. I currently have a 6’ x 4’ but the new WAB v2 rules really need an 8’ x 4’ table if playing 2,000 points. A recent 1,800 point game on the 6’ x 4’ showed that there was just not quite enough room for armies to manoeuvre satisfactorily. When you read about my next wargaming project you’ll see why it’s even more important that I find a bigger table.

I made a surprisingly energetic start to this project and now have almost the first brigade completed. It requires a few more redcoats and a couple of officers. However, this project definitely falls in to the category of ‘longer term’ as each army (British & French) will need 200+ figures to give what I would consider satisfactory games. So still quite a long way to go. But I do aim to make some good progress this year. Every time I pick up my copy of the excellent ‘Black Powder’ I think to myself that I really need to play this era and ruleset!

As for scenery, I need to make a few items that impart some ancient British flavour, such as a small Celtic farmstead or a Roman watch tower. Trees, hills, etc are all very well but a good game requires a few items to set the scene properly.

The Great War
I have enough figures for almost 700 points but barely half of these are painted. My aim is to collect a BEF Battalion (approx. 95-100 figures) so that I can attend some events. That’s about 55-60 figures to go.

Romano-Brits and Saxons & Vikings
These three armies are almost definitely going to be deferred for some time. I simply do not have enough time / money / energy to even think about collecting and painting more of these figures.

So that’s the plan !?

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