Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Looking Back on 2010

In the last year or so I don’t seem to have achieved a great deal in terms of gaming... I’ve started several new projects, i.e. Napoleonics, Age of Arthur and Saxons & Vikings. I’ve painted a few more WW1 figures, along with adding some bits and pieces to my Roman and Celt armies, i.e. a unit of legionaries and some chariots and fanatics. However, little if anything can be viewed as completed.

Looking back across the blog it averages out at approx 7 ‘properly’ painted and 5 dipped figures per month! Crumbs ... adding it up like that is quite depressing. Not exactly productive is it!?

I think the main issues have been that I’ve been too easily distracted by new projects and that too little time has been spent with a brush in my hand getting paint on what I already own. I could waffle on about how things have been hectic, etc, etc, but that would for the most part just be a long list of excuses. I need to make time for my hobby. I also need to decide on painting priorities and then stick to them!

Thanks to all my readers. Hope you're all having a good festive season.