Sunday, 26 September 2010

Newly Painted British Redcoats

At last ... some new painting!

I've been working on 8 British Napoleonic Light Infantry that will (when combined with some of my existing skirmish collection) give the first half-battalion of my British force.

Here's the first four. Two firing, one loading and one sergeant to direct his men. All Front Rank figures.

British Redcoats
(click for a larger image)

Here's the other four. In the foreground are 4 of my skirmish figures.

British Redcoats
(click for a larger image)

Painting these figures has been fairly easy and, more importantly, really enjoyable. My skirmish figures were painted years ago and took me ages which effectively put me off collecting larger forces. However I now seem to have figured out a good style that I'm happy with and that doesn't take too long to paint. The latest figures took around 1.5 hours per figure. It's a mix of the Foundry one and two colour styles.

Basically, the painting scheme is

Black undercoat
Shako, boots, cartridge pouch, etc - quick and very light drybrish with mid grey
Metal - (Bayonet, barrel, etc) GW Chainmail or Shining Gold
Skin - Foundry Flesh Shade then Mid
Red - Foundry Redcoat Shade then Mid (Scarlet works very well too)
Blanket - GW Codex Grey then Fortress Grey (Foundry Arctic grey shade/mid would be ideal)
Musket - Foundry Conker Brown Shade then Mid
White - GW Fortress Grey then White
Plume - Foundry Forest Green Shade then Mid
Facings - White then Yellow

The trick is not to worry too much about every little detail. No piping or buttons, etc. Also, leave plenty of the black showing at the edges as this (a) makes it easier to paint areas as less neatness is required and (b) delineates the red, white, etc more clearly when viewed from 2 or 3 feet away, i.e. wargaming distance. It's all about painting quickly and for effect. Up close they are rather untidy compared to my EIR for example, especially the highlighting which is basically semi-random splodges. But en-masse, on the table, at wargaming distance they'll look great. Basing will be six to a base arranged 3 x 2, so a 24 man unit will be on 4 bases.

Next post ... I'll be giving my thoughts about the Black Powder rules.


Anonymous said...

Excellent painting, very crisp and clean. Great job.

Matt said...

Thanks! :-) Now I just need to paint a lot more.