Thursday, 1 April 2010

Yet More ... Romans

Plastic ones this time. Warlord EIR to be precise.

Apologies for the rather poor quality pic - I'll try again in better light :-) The red appears a little purple due to the flash - but it isn't, I promise. Also, the armour is a much more realistic dull metal colour than shown.

Anyway ... I'm really pleased with this unit as they were painted very quickly - perhaps around 25 mins per figure - then dipped with Army Painter Strong tone, followed by a quick spray of matt varnish. Based as usual* on Litko 3mm wooden bases. I thought they might look a bit rough and ready but I hope you can see that they look pretty good!

Warlord Plastic EIR
(click for a larger image)

This will be a unit of veterans (24 x 20pts = 480pts!) which will do fine as stand-ins until I get another cohort of EIR painted in my three colour style.

I think this unit really shows that anyone can have a painted army with not too much effort. Even if you want to field a huge army then the plastic figures keep the cost to a sensible amount whilst the paint-and-dip method means the troops look good without needing lots of effort or huge amounts of artistic skill. It's certainly the approach I've taken with my Celts. Speaking of which ... I have some on the painting table which will take my army to around 160 figures ... pics another time.

Happy painting / gaming ... and ... a happy and peaceful Easter.

*Basing - PVA with sand sprinkled on top, GW Bestial Brown (thinned slightly) then drybrushed with GW Vomit Brown and GW Bleached Bone. Add a few bits of static grass and the occasional piece of Woodland Scenics foliage.