Monday, 21 July 2008

Figure Comparison for some EIR & Celts

Here's a picture of various EIR and Celt figures compared side by side. Thought some of you might find it useful, or even just interesting.

Figure Comparison
(click for a larger image)

From left to right the EIR designed by, Imago Militis (North Star Figures), Warlord Games, Gripping Beast, Black Tree Design. The sword waving Celt is BTD and on the far right is a GB Celt.

Measuring from foot to eye gives
Imago Militis 25mm
Warlord Games 25mm
Gripping Beast 27mm
Black Tree Design 28mm.
BTD Celt 28mm
GB Celt 26mm

The Warlord Games Celts (not pictured) are a fraction taller than the Romans and great fun to build.

Better post this on the WAB forum too eh?

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