Saturday, 7 June 2008

First WW1 Miniatures


Apologies for the lack of posting activity recently. We've just moved around the world back to Blighty and I'm rather busy looking for a new job.

Anyway, ordered a few figures from the excellent Great War Miniatures range, available through North Star Figures (click the pictures below for a link to their site). Just 2 packs of British to begin with, first is a group of Officers and NCO's.

Officers & NCO's

The other pack is a group of British soldiers skirmishing.


Opted for the late war era as this will allow for a wider range of troops and equipment, e.g. tanks and planes, in addition to the infantry. Ordered some Boch too but they're out of stock for the moment.

The figures are very crisply cast with excellent detail. The poses are great too; very characterful. I'm really looking forward to painting a few very soon. I'll post pics - if they come out ok.

Found some useful reference sites/blogs too.