Thursday, 28 February 2008

Pegasus Bridge

I've been reading this book recently and it's absolutely gripping stuff!!!

Pegasus Bridge Book Cover

The men who took part in this most daring of airborne raids seem almost super-human. Their courage, determination and resourcefulness is simply awe inspiring. Certainly a stirling example to the rest of us.

The book describes the training of the men, the build up to D-Day, the details of the attack on the bridges and the subsequent German counter-attacks. For those not familiar with the events see this link. However, it gives only the barest facts and conveys little of the extraordinary nature of the events. So read the book if you're interested! I'd thoroughly recommend it to anyone.

As they say in memorial services to this day "we will remember them". And rightly so.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Forward the 32nd

Just got these splendid pictures of British infantry from my friend Jim and had to post them!

I'm really pleased with the results of his hard work. The first shot shows nicely how the Foundry paints allow you to achieve a good depth of colour, e.g. the red jacket. The more pronounced method of highlighting will really pay dividends when they're assembled in a unit.

Advance the 32nd!

Here's a comparison with a figure (Belgique shako) Jim painted 2 years ago using only GW paints. Good, but not as good as the fellow on the left, as the Foundry paints give a much richer result.

Comparison with earlier work

Look forward to seeing many more. Well done mate!