Sunday, 13 January 2008

Barbarian Packmaster & Warhounds

I've been very busy painting up a unit of Auxiliaries (cohortes pedites) for my Early Imperial Roman army, however I decided to take a rest and paint these fellows. The packmaster is a very old Foundry figure I think. I found it in my bits box - handy indeed! The hounds are, of course, from Gripping Beast.

(click for larger picture)

Apologies for the (slightly) dreadful photo quality. I was experimenting with non-scenic backgrounds but realised that my little'uns had made off with all the light blue paper so I had to resort to a not-so-light green ... hmmm? I'll take some better pics (with scenery) another time.

Haven't completed the packmaster's base yet as I intend to varnish him first, then complete the basing, as I understand that static grass does not handle varnish too well. Varnishing will (thanks to advice from those splendid chaps on the WAB forum) be GW 'Ardcoat followed by Testors Dullcote.

The plan is to have 2 units of these chaps in my army. The WS 4 hounds can make short work of enemy skirmishers who are often only WS 2 with very little in the way of armour. Having units of 7 can make them rather fragile if confronted with determined enemy missile fire given the packmaster's Ld of 6 (the hounds are only Ld 3) but these units cost few points and will definitely give your opponent pause for thought.

Anyway, better get on with the rest of the Auxiliaries. The unit will be 15 in total, and 9 are complete so far with the rest well on the way. Need to order some Little Big Men (LBM) studios transfers for the shields too.

Happy gaming (& painting)!

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