Thursday, 19 July 2007

WFB - 12th July 2007 - Dwarfs vs Orcs

My friend Dave has built some excellent gaming boards along with some nice hills and trees. So Thursday evening was spent at his house as Cavaliers was closed due to an auction being held in our gaming rooms.

This battle was to be another clash between my Dwarfs and Dave's Orcs. He's obviously been listening to my ramblings about how painful magic items can benand about how WAB would be a much more fun game, etc, as his army had no shaman and few magic items. My Dwarfs had little in the way of runes too, so it was going to be decided the old fashioned way.

The armies were fairly similar to other listed here so I won't bother with the details.

I deplyed my Dwarfs around a hill to the left hand side of the battlefield, with a wood securing my right flank. The handgunners and organ gun occupied the hill to give them good fields of fire. The rest of the army drew up in front.

Dave's army was quite spread, but his main block of infantry and Trolls were lined up against my infantry for a potential slug-fest.

The Dwarfs won first turn but did little more than advance slightly as all shooting was beyond 24". Dave's first turn saw his troops fail three animosity tests. So almost immediately his attack became disorganised. This was a trend that continued in turns 2 and 3, plenty of failed anaimosity tests plus some excellent shooting from handgunners and organ gun meant that it was a very raggedy Orc army that joined combat with the Dwarfs. The Squig Hoppers proved to be fearsome as they landed on a unit of Dwarfs Warriors and ate 7, but the Dwarfs held steady and saw them off. The other combats were mostly victories for the Dwarfs too. Amazingly the unit of Dwarfs persuing the squigs overran in to the Boar Riders.

By the end of turn 6 there was little of the Orc horde left and aside from the Dwarfs Warriors the rest of the Dwarf army was largely intact. A solid victory to the Dwarfs! About time too. A great game played with well painted figures onnice terrain - proper wargaming.