Wednesday, 2 May 2007

WFB - 25th April – Bretonnians vs Dwarfs

My good friend Rich has a keen interest in military history and expressed an interest in playing some toy soldiers. No problem! I arranged a 1,000pt game with Rich commanding my Bretonnians (HYW French?) whilst Jennifer led her Dwarfs to battle. I chose this lists for both sides, giving a slight advantage to Rich’s force as he’s new to the game.

9 Knights of the Realm incl Paladin (Army General)
9 Knights Errant incl Paladin (BSB)
6 Mounted Yeomen
10 Bowmen
10 Bowmen
15 Men-at-Arms

15 Hammerers incl Thane (Army General)
15 Warriors incl Thane (BSB)
12 Troll Slayers
10 Thunders
1 Bolt Thrower

Rich deployed his cavalry all on one flank forcing the Dwarfs to re-organise their battle lines thus reducing the amount of missile fire they could direct at the knights. The Bolt Thrower proved useless, only hitting in the last turn and then the bolt was stopped by a ward save!

Perhaps not surprisingly the Bretonnians won a convincing victory in what was a fun game and hopefully a gave good demonstration of what Warhammer is all about.


rich said...


Thank for the introduction to the game.

Am looking forward to the next.


Matt said...

Excellent! You're welcome. Will have to get another organised!