Saturday, 14 December 2019


Brmm, brmm! Dakka, dakka!  Rommel's finest now have some hot new wheels to race around the desert.

Prepared and ready to paint, the riders with tabs were glued to some old slotta bases to make them easier to paint.

The motorbike and sidecar combos are Perry, whilst the other is a Warlord kit.  Have to honest here and say the Perry castings were less than stellar and were quite fiddly to build and position.

In the pic above the handle bars have yet to be eased into a better, more natural position.

Painting and basing was exactly the same as all my other DAK infantry and vehicles - have a look at the "Painting" tab above to find some links if you're interested in the paints, technique, etc.


Phil Robinson said...

Those look great Matt, well worth the toil in the end.

George Anderson said...

Very nice Matt, worth the effort.

Paul Scrivens-Smith said...

Nice work Matt, I think the sidecar combo is iconic of the DAK.

Phil said...

Splendid, truly splendid!

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Hard to make desert stuff look correct, with all the similarly colored tan bits. You've done a fantastic job of this.

JOHNBOND said...

Nice addition to your DAK force Matt those LMGs on wheels look menacing
cheers John

Moiterei_1984 said...

Very well done Matt! I fully understand your difficulties with the Perry casts but you’ve still made them look the part.

The Wargames Table said...

Thank you all for your kind words :o)
Really appreciate it!

(Kym) + Warburton + (Classic40K) said...

Very nice work :)