Thursday, 15 August 2019

Re-purposed Chateau

I’ve been investing a little time in sprucing up some of my scenery items and I felt it was high time that my chateau got a new paint job!  I never particularly liked the original finish on it (NB – it wasn’t painted by me, lol!) as it was (a) quite untidy in places, and (b) the colours were too ‘pink’ and didn’t really go well together, especially when placed in the grounds I’d built for it.

The original looked like this
The original chateau (not painted by me)
Yeah, it’s “o-k-a-y” but it sort of looks a bit like custard, which is a trifle annoying ๐Ÿ™„  Anyway... I think it could be improved quite a bit.

The first step was to re-paint the ground floor brickwork to actually look like bricks.  A solid base coat of Foundry Conker shade was a good start, then I picked out a few bricks in darker brown tones and one or two in a much lighter red (go steady with these tho!).  Next, I applied a wash of GW Agrax Earthshade to pick out the brick edges.  Then I highlighted the bricks in their original colours, although a few were left with just the wash to give a greater range of brick colours.

The ground floor quoins and door/window frames were also too pink so these got a coat of Foundry Boneyard mid, then light.  A little fiddly at times but worth the effort.

On to the upper floors!  The light pink wall was painted in Foundry Ochre mid then given a highlight of Ochre mid mixed with some Boneyard light.  I also used the Boneyard palette to neaten the window frames and shutters.

The roof will eventually be tiled 'properly' so for now it just got a little tidy up.

Whilst the building stands within a larger set of grounds, I felt that it needed a bit of climbing foliage to add another layer of detail.  This was achieved using some clump foliage and a selection of tufts.

I’m *much* happier with this piece now.

Whilst I had the ‘gardening’ box out, I added a few little extras to the enclosing wall sections too!

The next improvement will be to add some battle damaged wall sections as this will ‘open up’ the terrain a little.


George Anderson said...

Nice, but the jokes.............. :)

The Wargames Table said...

Thank you George ๐Ÿคฃ Think of the jokes as a bonus freebie ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Phil Robinson said...

A vast improvement there Matt and the tiles will really finish it off.

The Wargames Table said...

Thank you Phil

Dave Toone said...

Looks great Matt. Maybe you could scale it up a bit and come do some decorating on my house?! What George said re the jokes!!

The Wargames Table said...

Thanks Dave! I’ll pass on your kind offer ๐Ÿคฃ got heaps of my own decorating to do!

caveadsum1471 said...

Massive improvement,I thought it looked alright in the first photo,it looks excellent now!
Best Iain

The Wargames Table said...

Thank you. Yes, it was perfectly usable but I wanted to enhance it.

JOHNBOND said...

Like the updated improvements on the paint work.
cheers John

The Wargames Table said...

Thank you John, much appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚
Cheers Matt

Moiterei_1984 said...

Looking ace! I do have the same kit sitting in the wings and waiting to get finished. I'll make sure to check back here for inspiration.

The Wargames Table said...

Hey Nick, thank you! Very kind mate ๐Ÿ˜Š