Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Dakka Dakka Dakka

The Orks are coming!

It's been almost 25 years since my last game of 40k. That was back in the 90s with second edition.  It all began back in the 80s with "Rogue Trader" - Tim had Space Marines and I had Eldar.  After that I collected a fairly sizeable Imperial Guard army to face his Orks.  Then we all played Gorkamorka which was an absolute blast!  Eventually these forces gathered dust and were sold on as I moved towards more historical games in the early 00s.

So why 40K now?  Well, quite simply because I love the models and indeed the whole background of the game.  I've had a desire to play something non-historical for a while.  I had hoped that Warlords of Erehwon and my Middle Earth Orcs & Goblins would fill that role but I really didn't enjoy the game so I turned from fantasy to sci-fi... I'd heard good things about Star Wars Legion but whilst I love the films I didn't actually fancy gaming them.

A friend and colleague, Rob, had recently started collecting 40K models through the weekly Conquest scheme published by Games Workshop.  He brought some figures in to the office and I think that kind of set the ball rolling... thanks Rob!  I soon found myself browsing the 40K ranges and doing a bit of reading to refresh my memory of the game background.  This is probably complete gaming madness given how many other projects compete for my rather limited hobby time... but you know how it is!

Some successful eBay-ing meant I had some funds to spare for hobby fun, so I jumped in and bought the rulebook, the codex and a box of figures.  All at considerably less than the usual GW prices too!  I'm not planning a large army; just enough to get some good games in.  Several friends also have 40K armies (Eldar, Harlequins, Marines, Chaos and Imperial Guard) so I shan't want for opponents.  I've still quite a bit of loot to sell on (e.g. some plastic Napoleonic cavalry, WW1 ANZACs, Normans, etc) so this will hopefully fund my expanding green horde.


George Anderson said...

Waaaargh! Go for it.

The Wargames Table said...

Cheers George! 😎

icabod said...

I heartily approve of this frivolous expenditure.

I will at some point have some more tiny spacemen painted (slowly working on some Smurf Reivers at the moment), then I will attempt to learn how to play the game with more tactics than "move-shoot-move-shoot-lose".

Phil Robinson said...

A return to the dark side, never been inclined myself but I do like the background and the artwork that goes with it and have been a couple of times to the HQ and gawped in wonder. Have not been since the revamp though.

icabod said...

This is Rob from work, btw... slowly building a lovely collection of unpainted Conquest minis.
And as for limited hobby time, I know how you feel - I'm currently awaiting another kickstarter board game. Now I just need to find more space and time.

Colbourne said...

Great Stuff. Rogue Trader was ace! I still have my copy and every so often am tempted to play the sample scenario in the book - the Battle at the Farm.

I've mostly been focusing on historical figures for the past few years. But I love the 40k background as well and I'm slowly building a Genestealer Cult Army. Also, try out Necromunda. That game is a blast and set in the 40K universe as well, but as a skirmish game, it doesn't require as many figures.