Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Lovely New Figures from The Miniature Company

Good mate Dave at The Miniature Company has just released the first pics of some forthcoming figures for his Dark Ages Welsh range.  I think they're so good that I just had to do a little blog article on them.

They're 28mm - obviously there'll be shields and spears too.  I've no idea if Dave will be selling these items with the figures although I guess at least the shields will be included.

I think these are so characterful and full of detail that will be a joy to paint.  Just look at the faces and that splendidly hirsute moustache!  Really looking forward to seeing this range expand.  Oh and please do check TMC out on Facebook and perhaps like his page :o)


George Anderson said...

Nicest Welsh figures I have seen.

roma912 said...

Very nice looking figures.

Cheers, Ross