Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Sharp Practice Morale Tracker

In Sharp Practice it's vital to track the morale of your force and that of your opponent's. Thankfully Charlie Foxtrot Models make an excellent little item that's perfect for the job.

It starts out as plain laser-cut MDF but I decided to give it a bit of a makeover. I sprayed it white and picked out the letters and numbers with black. I used the same recipe as the basing for my AWI models. The flag tokens are just 25mm bases on to which I've glued some printed and trimmed flags.

Get yours here! That's a £1 well spent I reckon :o)

You can also see my interim deployment points. These are just slightly larger versions of the morale tokens. I'll eventually make some nice little dioramas with spare models or scenic items but they'll do for now whilst I concentrate on getting the troops painted.

BTW, these were (shamelessly) copied from an ACW example I saw on the FB group by David Robotham. Thanks mate!

In other news... Chum Colin got these splendid little resin items (Grand Manner) for Chum Paul.

Guess who Paul asked to paint them? Look out for them in a future blog post.

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