Friday, 17 November 2017

Starter Forces for Sharp Practice

With these rules I want to be able to play games that tell a story, or series of linked stories. Players can then be swept along by the narrative with each game helping develop the story and set the scene for the next chapter. That, to me, is 'proper' wargaming! So, I'll need to collect some initial forces to help make this happen

One of the joys of getting in to a new era is the plotting and planning associated with choosing your new toys and it's no exception here at the 'table. So... I decided to start by looking at the earliest era of the war; Lexington, Concord, the Boston Campaign etc. Now, if you're an AWI aficionado then please bear with me as I'm really only just starting to chip away at this rich seam of history.

My view of the forces I'd like are (for the British) a core of tough, disciplined regulars backed up by enthusiastic loyalists. The latter might be of dubious military value but "By George!" they do love their King! Here they are

The rebels on the other hand are a mix of militia and civilian patriots with a fiery zeal for their own self-governance backed by a determination to show the redcoats that they mean business.
Oops - the 2 x 8 Militia should be 2 x 10

Both forces come in at just over 40 points so I think they'll be large enough to give a good game, plus they should provide a good starter for larger forces. But, as I've not really played the game 'properly' I'd appreciate any thoughts as to whether these forces would indeed give a good game.


Paul said...

Hi, those forces will be very suitable to start with. I'd advise single basing and sabot bases to get the versatility from the groups changes sizes and casualty removal assuming you haven't already had that thought.

Have fun

The Wargames Table said...

@Paul - thanks for the input! Definitely doing single bases with move trays. A lot of the figures can be used as either loyalists or patriots so be able to swap them around would be ideal.